10 Methods to Convert More Online Business

May 05, 2009 03:16 PM EDT

Online activities can generate significant business for a business or organization. The website design may be responsible for as much of the traffic conversion as the content and offer. Your website must:

  1. Be Graphically Pleasing and Professional
  2. Be Easy to Navigate
  3. Have an Attractive Layout
  4. Be Content Rich
  5. Use a Funneled Approach
  6. Contain Engaging Calls to Action
  7. Be Up to Date
  8. Be Well Supported
  9. Be Socially Connected
  10. Be Consistent with Other Marketing Efforts

The key is to plan out online activities and maintain a consistent direction. As a brand is created and a website is designed to convert traffic, a business will begin to realize a maximized ROI.

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10 Methods to Convert More Online Business

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