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Burger King to Dump the King

Aug 22, 2011 12:33 AM EDT

Finally! Burger King is going to drop the creepy King mascot. We hated that campaign character. He was so creepy that we would change the TV channel when he came on. We suspect that Burger King lost ground while the campaigns ran. Supposedly the marketing company won awards with the campaigns. We can't understand how they connected with any audience. Supposedly, McDonalds and other chains pe...

MasterChef Pulls a Quick One Over on His Audience

Jun 24, 2011 07:51 PM EDT

LOL. The MasterChef crew wanted a larger turnout at an event. They opted to Photoshop in duplicate crowd members to enhance crowd size. A number of viewers caught the faux paus. Nothing like making an ego-driven Gordon Ramsay looks smaller than he portrays. Check it out here. "Fox admitted the photo was changed and says they won't use that shot anymore. It doesn't really affect anyt...

Evan Longoria Viral Baseball Catch Video

May 18, 2011 08:21 PM EDT

Check out this video of Evan Longoria: Supposedly, his lightning quick reflexes saved the unaware reporter during the interview. While it is certainly a spoof, we don't get who would put up the cash to make the spot without some branding effort. It has viral quality but there should be SOMETHING to identify with. We decided we had to give it a 'brilliant' and 'not so brilliant...

Big Photoshop Mistakes

Apr 21, 2011 07:39 PM EDT

Photoshop mistakes are very entertaining, unless you are responsible for them. Some of the best blunders can be very high-profile. We usually make mistakes when we're in a hurry. Extra hand freaking you out? Nice weight loss program... Something's wrong with those pupils... Cereal can change your skin color and remove your belly button... Opponents are easier to play when they are headle...

Disney Movie "Mars Needs Moms" Has Dismal Turn Out

Mar 15, 2011 11:47 PM EDT

It's hard to resist perusing movie trailers on a regular basis. When is Hollywood going to dish up their next "can't miss' hit? Well one thing we noticed when the Mars Needs Moms trailer came out was, "wow, I definitely won't be seeing that." Turns out the whole movie market thought the same thing: Mars Needs Moms tanks at the box office. Box office takes are driven heavily by the...

X-Men First Class Poster a Bomb

Mar 11, 2011 07:29 PM EDT

What a good chuckle? The new X-Men poster missed the mark. Check it out. We get the concept but the execution was a miss. It looks like a school project and someone's first run at photoshop. From the looks of the trailer, we're looking at a prequel to the first X-Men movies. We're excited about the next X-Men First Class film. Hopefully the movie doesn't follow suit

Are 3D movies a fad or here to stay?

Mar 11, 2011 04:28 PM EDT

Avatar brought us a new era of 3D films. It was filmed with 3D in mind from the beginning, and for most people, it was stunning, new, and exciting. Hollywood saw the $2.7B that Avatar made. With dollar signs in their eyes, they saw an opportunity to ride on Avatar's coat tails and cash in. So they started retrofitting 3D onto films originally designed for 2D. Alice in Wonderland was the first 3D...

Taco Bell defends lawsuit claiming beef doesn't meet federal standards with major ad campaign

Feb 11, 2011 12:31 PM EDT

According to Fox News in their article Taco Bell Sued Over Meat That's Just 35 Percent Beef, a class action lawsuit was filed that claims Taco Bell's use of the phrases "seasoned ground beef" or "seasoned beef" is false because the meat contains 65% water, wheat oats, soy lecithin, maltodrextrin, anti-dusting agent, and modified corn starch. Taco Bell adds these things becaus...

Is 4G Really 4G? or Is It Desperate Marketing?

Feb 09, 2011 01:30 PM EDT

The mobile industry's move from 2G to 3G was calculated. It was based on industry standards and somewhat easy to verify based on those standards. The jump to 4G network speeds has not been nearly as compliance based. Desperate operators hoping to acquire 4G early adopters have jumped the gun by releasing devices and marketing campaigns claiming to offer 4G speeds. None of the carriers guarantee...
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