3 Methods to Personalize Your Campaign Messages and Offers

Apr 20, 2010 08:33 PM EDT

Personalized marketing messages typically perform much better than generic messages to general audiences. In some cases, conversion rates double or triple. That often equates into significant changes in ROI and future sales opportunities.

Conceptually, personalization is taking a message that normally comes across as “hey you” and turning it into “Dear Joe Customer,” in such a way that the recipient of the message actually feels appreciated and cared for. Messages are read more and the audience takes action.
  1. Variable Content
    Variable content is either creative or copy that changes from audience to audience. Existing technologies allow a marketer to control variable content down to actual images and phrases that are used in order to better connect with the intended recipient.

    Variable content also includes the use of the name of each recipient. An example message may say:
    “Dear [customer name],
    “We appreciate the purchase of [product] you made last month. We also offer [accessory] to go along with it. Please visit our website at: [url] to explore your options.

    “[Manager Name]”
    Now, imagine that example with appropriate images and other content. There are many variations to adjust for effective conversion.
  2. Variable Offers
    Not all market segments are alike. A personalized message improves when the message includes a personalized offer as well. A senior citizen segment may appreciate the value of an offer differently than a younger demographic on a specific product. Offers should cater to the recipient for a higher conversion rate, which results in a higher ROI.
  3. Multi-Media Campaigns
    Internet solutions often offer a much more flexible environment for the use of personalization and variable content. Offers can be sent in one media to attract the audience and then, hand them off to an online conversion tool like a website or Personal URL (PURL).

    The key to these campaigns is to understand how to attract, redirect, and then convert the audience. Often an “offer they can’t refuse” accompanies the first message but must be redeemed upon transfer to the second media type. When the transition is smooth, the execution can yield great results.
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3 Methods to Personalize Your Campaign Messages and Offers

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