7 Elements Every Creative Piece Should Exhibit

Aug 26, 2009 08:16 PM EDT

 Effective creative materials are key in any type of marketing. Sometimes the creative is simple, sometimes it is elaborate. Sometimes it is monochromatic and sometimes it is vibrant in color. The key to great creative is to design it for the target audience based on the channel in which the message will be delivered. Here are some suggestions every creative piece should exhibit.

  1. Forethought
    Every creative piece should appear as though it was intended for the audience. If it looks last-minute, targets know it. A creative piece should be planned and well thought out. The message should be clear and the piece created with purpose.
  2. Structure
    A message gets lost in a mess. On the other hand, a message can jump out and grab a target when if the campaign is structured around it. Most creative pieces use some sort of logical structure. Even when a piece intentionally has little structure, there is logic to it. Materials should exhibit some sort of structure.
  3. Graphical Presence
    A picture is worth how much? ...a thousand words...or more. Intentional, appropriate graphics can deliver a message much quicker than words in some cases. Whenever possible, there should be some professional graphical element to a creative piece.
  4. Attention Grabbers
    Every message should sum up to a brief point. Whether tastefully formatted text or a well placed image, some element should strike the audience and grab their attention. Sometimes the most simple elements may serve the purpose.
  5. Calls to Action
    Every marketing message should have some purpose. Most should call the audience to take action. A call to action is usually one of the attention grabbers and is enhanced graphically with formatted text or an image.
  6. Color Theory
    Most creative pieces should have a professional color scheme. They should have pallets that appeal and attract; colors that match. The colors should match logos, images, and fonts. On occasion, clashing colors may be used to draw attention to something but for the most part, recipients want to feel a professional presence with a message.
  7. Layout Principles
    A professional creative piece will have a specific layout tailored to drive the audience to take some action. In some cases the layout can be so important that it is the key factor to driving business. The layout should play an intentional roll and when possible it should match the layout of other media the message is presented in.

Parts of this post were cited from the Vauntium Creative article: 7 Elements Every Creative Piece Should Exhibit


7 Elements Every Creative Piece Should Exhibit

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