Attracting and Converting Leads Online Using SEO Concepts

Nov 26, 2009 08:21 PM EDT

How many leads did you convert from natural search engine traffic last month? how about over the last year?

Your natural search engine rank is key to your online web traffic and converted business. We're not talking here about paid search engine advertising but natural results that result from successful SEO practices.

There are 2 key concepts to successful SEO activities:

  1. Relevance
  2. Popularity

SEO and Website Relevance

Website relevance means that your content and tools match the keywords search engine users search on. For example, if I search for "las vegas realtors" search engines return the top results for "Las Vegas" and "Realtors", "Real estate agents", etc. They want to return results that best match the inquiry. They provide the best results for users based on relevant, well written content.

SEO and Website Popularity

Search engines give significant credibility to websites that appear to be authoritative. An authority site is one that others recognize  as credible and accurate. Search engines tally the quantity and quality of inbound web links to a website.

SEO Activities

Several key activities will promote websites significantly.

  • Keyword analysis - search engine keyword analysis to determine which keywords should be targeted on a website.
  • On-page keyword optimization, including meta tag optimization - page by page keyword placement to accurately make a page relevant to an audience.
  • Inbound link campaigns - campaigns by which content, articles, blog posts, and other forms of content from popular websites link to a website creating popularity.

Lead Conversion

Once a visitor has found a website via search engine results, it's key to make sure the conversion tools are powerful. Compelling calls to action drive prospects to conversion elements. These prospects become converted as visitors accept special offers for service or products in return for the sale or for their contact information. Websites can be powerful conversion tools as the drives sale and lead engines.

SEO and Conversion Solutions

Find an SEO company that is expert at website optimization. Realize that SEO results don't occur overnight and they may require a significant budget of time or money depending on how strong the competition is for a particular website.

Also find a design company that can convert prospects once they arrive on a website.

Contact Vauntium to learn more about our SEO and web design solutions. Also consider using an SEO friendly website like ProSPOTLIGHT to promote your professional assets.


Attracting and Converting Leads Online Using SEO Concepts

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