Barack Obama - Marketing Genius

Aug 04, 2011 12:51 PM EDT

Love him or hate him, President Obama is a marketing genius.

I saw my first 2012 Barack Obama campaign banner ad today - it was a simple ad from the First Lady asking you to sign his birthday card.  Nothing big, no commitment, just fill out a simple form.  Branding genius.

Why?  Because it's a subtle reminder that he's back on the campaign trail and when he starts asking for donations and more active support, people will be ready for it.  It's like dipping your toe in the water to see if it's cold vs. jumping right in. 

Presidential campaigns are a great way to witness marketing strategies in action.  It's very publicized, transparent, and has plenty of expert commentators bringing various things to your attention.  Which states do they target?  What methods are they using to brand themselves?  What demographics are they going after? 

In the last campaign, President Obama targeted the younger audience quite heavily, and I'm sure he's going to do the same this go-around.  He spent millions on online advertising because that's where the younger generations get their information. 

Please comment about the different ways the politicians are marketing themselves.


Barack Obama - Marketing Genius

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