Branding your company inside video games has huge potential

Jan 12, 2011 12:20 PM EDT

Recently, my son and I were playing a skateboarding video game. In the game, we were skating in a park and I noticed some company logos painted on the sides of different ramps, walls, and other surfaces. I asked him if those were real skateboarding companies. He smiled and named off all of them along with what they sold and how cool they are.

What a great concept!

For companies that make products targeted at a specific audience that also matches a video game's audience, the branding potential is huge. People's minds are engaged while playing their video game, unlike TV where most people are able to fast forward past commercials. The games are also often played for hundreds of hours.

Branding essentially boils down to impressions (eyeballs looking at the product or logo). The name of the game is getting your target audience to look at your product or logo as many times as you can. The more they see it, the more it sticks out in their mind. 

Nike's swoosh, McDonald's golden arches, and Coke's logo are embedded in all of our brains because of the huge branding efforts they've done our entire lives. 

Blind, Volcom, and Darkstar all have that same recognition in their markets because of their brilliant branding efforts.


Branding your company inside video games has huge potential

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