Brilliant and Crazy Ideas that Made People Rich

Mar 22, 2011 08:20 PM EDT

An idea can be worth millions. Some are ridiculous. However, some act on them and strike it rich. Here are 8 ideas that were crazy but people bought them and made their entrepreneurs rich.

  1. Pet Rock - $15M in first 6 months
  2. Yellow Smiley Faces - $500M
  3. Wacky Wall Walker - $80M
  4. - $2M
  5. Slinky - $250M
  6. Snuggie - $200M
  7. Million-Dollar Home Page - $1M
  8. Beanie Babies - $3-6M

Which of these products did you purchase? Which did you like best? What great idea do you have now?

"For entrepreneurs, one good idea can provide an extraordinary amount of hope. Even though the chances of success are minimal, these ideas give people something to aspire to..."



Brilliant and Crazy Ideas that Made People Rich

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