Cheap Ways to Build Your Brand

Apr 16, 2009 03:12 PM EDT

Every business or cause has the need to build a reputable, successful brand to promote whatever is being sold/pitched. Here are some cheap ways to build a brand.


Blog posts are distributed to many aggregators via feeds. They are also submitted to search engines within minutes of posting. The audience for a blog may be tremendous and create interest or drive business.

Printed Labels

Everything your customer/clients sees should have your logo and image on it. Every email, brochure, and communication should have consistent branding. One way to ensure phisical items are branded is to order printed labels and place them on everything.

Email Newsletter

Your contacts should receive regular and frequent contacts from you. A newsletter is a way to remain fresh in their mind while adding some value to their operations. Consider placing something of value like tips, articles, etc.

Thank You Notes

Always send a thank you note to your clients and others with whom you do business. It is key that they feel appreciated for their business.

Affiliate Channels

Allow others to promote and sell your products and services. Establish an affiliate channel and make it worth the while of affiliates to drive your business.

Driving a brand does not have to be difficult. It takes consistent activities to create an image and set expectations with your clients.


Cheap Ways to Build Your Brand

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