Girl Scout Cookies: From Inception into a Marketing Machine

Mar 30, 2011 11:41 AM EDT

Over the decades, the Girl Scout program has created an empire in the cookie market. Once starting out as a simple project in one troop, it is now a $700 million revenue stream to help young girls fund their organization and activities.

In recent years, the national organization has grown it's cookie business to the point that the major cookie producers had to either partner up or get left behind. Smart timing, image management, and purpose are elements that have propelled the brand. 

"Once upon a time an Oregon Girl Scout troop organized a bake sale.

Nearly a century later, the Girl Scouts of America command a $700 million cookie empire, unloading 200 million boxes a year, according to company literature.

The Girl Scouts built their booming business thanks to decades of smart organizational choices, good products and an unbeatable brand image."

Business Insider: Timeline

Where is the money spent?

"For each box sold, 75 percent of the money goes to the local council, while 25 percent goes to bakeries. National HQ also receives royalties for licensing."

We applaud the organization for the great cause, for great management, and for great cookies.


Girl Scout Cookies: From Inception into a Marketing Machine

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