Maximize Your ROI with Powerful Direct Marketing Solutions

Dec 11, 2009 08:24 PM EDT

The return on some forms of direct marketing campaigns is often difficult to track. However, powerful direct marketing campaigns can produce powerful results and drive significant business.

Direct marketing campaigns include (not all inclusively):
  • Postal mailings
  • Email
  • Door hangers, flyers and magnets
When executed correctly, the ROI can be significant compared to other passive types of marketing. The message to the audience must be clear and compelling. It must be delivered to the right audience, segmented by demographics, psychographics, life style variables, etc.

Multi Media Campaigns

Media is powerful in direct marketing activities. Often multi-media solutions integrate the best of each activity. For example, a post card or email may be sent to a customer with an offer redeemable online at a conversion website. One audience may be more compelled by one technology than another. The key is to know which technologies and media types are available and then understand how to execute a campaign for the highest results and returns.

The Vauntium direct marketing team offers solutions across many technologies and media. Contact the team to learn what we can do to achieve your marketing objectives. 


Maximize Your ROI with Powerful Direct Marketing Solutions

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