Super Bowl Ads 2011

Feb 07, 2011 11:26 AM EDT

At $3,000,000 a pop or more this year, some of the Super Bowl ads were brilliant - some less so. The news is abuzz about this year's ads. 

Here were some commercials that caught our attention:

The Force (Darth Vader - Volkswagen

Miss Evelyn - Chevy Camaro

Doritos - The Best Part

Teleflora - Help Me Faith


Super Bowl Ad News

  1. TechCrunch - Question is: did people dig them? Not really, says Hulu, which had its users cast votes on their favorite commercials across all 69 Super Bowl ads on its AdZone site. 
  2. CNNMoney - The recession is over, start spending money.
  3. New York Times - The advertising bowl that took place inside Super Bowl XLV on Sunday offered a wild — and somewhat welcome — ride through six decades of popular culture. 
  4. CNN - However, this year, America's famous sporting event took a different turn when a TV ad featuring Tibetans and a Chicago-area restaurant triggered angry comments from internet users in China.


Super Bowl Ads 2011

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