Tony Horton and Crew Are Marketing Machines

Jun 09, 2011 07:22 PM EDT

People are buying Tony Horton's products like crazy. As the pitchman, he has pushed in-home fitness to new levels. 

P90X is a huge success. The 52 year-old gets his audience jazzed and motivates them to great results. 

What's interesting, when they first started out, they couldn't get the programs to sell. Then, they decided to start adding home-made testimonials illustrating their 90 day results. 


The early P90X infomercials bombed. But that changed when, at Mr. Daikeler’s urging, customers like “Dallas C.” and “Kristy M.” began sending in before-and-after pictures, now featured on the company’s infomercials and Web site. More than three million copies have been sold since then, with sales increasing every year through 2010 (they are currently running even with last year), company officials said. 

Some times we're right there with our product and marketing efforts and all it takes is a tweak to reach the audience.

This is a great read.


Tony Horton and Crew Are Marketing Machines

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